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Surf is on a mission to make laundry delightful – and the world a happier, more optimistic place. We believe it’s the little everyday things in lift that lift you up – that’s why we strive hard to provide you with fruity and floral fragrances that will lift your spirits and elevate your laundry from pleasantly clean to fantastically fresh and fragrant.

Surf works with experts in aromas from the leading perfume houses in the world to develop products with amazing fragrances – using exciting ingredients such as essential oils and natural extracts to bring you brilliantly clean and beautifully smelling laundry at affordable prices.

A long history of great cleaning

Surf as a brand goes all the way back to the creation of Sunlight, Unilever’s first product – a soap bar – in the 1890s. Indeed, Surf in Africa is still known as Sunlight, and carries a deep emotional and historical bond with consumers across the continent.

The Surf brand name was launched in 1959 and our products are now available in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Asia Pacific and Africa with a comprehensive range including bars, powders, liquids and capsules.

Our cleaner planet plan

Surf stands by Unilever’s Cleaner Planet Plan – a campaign designed to reduce the impact of our laundry products on the environment.

From saving water to reducing packaging, Surf works hard behind the scenes to ensure the products you buy are environmentally aware.  Surf is also working on many projects as part of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan to save water in the washing process and improve the livelihoods of people around the world.

Clean and green laundry

Our concentrated Surf bottle uses 40% less packaging than a standard bottle of washing liquid. It reduces packaging waste and allows more bottles to be loaded onto our delivery vehicles. The end result is fewer trucks on the road, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our experts have also ensured that Surf will work well even at low temperatures. Surf will provide a brilliant clean and leave your clothes fresh and full of fragrance when you turn your machine down to as low as 15˚C, helping you save on your energy bill and helping the planet become greener.

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